Naomi Carrier

is a consummate educator, historian, performing artist and author with a background in Black Music, Texas History, and heritage tourism. She has used her gifts to educate in the public arena for 40 years, at festivals, in museums, at schools and universities, libraries and historic sites, with exhibits, musicals, black history classes, workshops, and heritage tours. She began her career as a classroom teacher and has been a principal. She is currently  a  professor at Houston Community College. Naomi is the founder and Executive Director of TCAALH (The Texas Center for African American Living History. She formerly served as Executive Director for the Convict Leasing and Labor Project during the time they were, seeking to memorialize the Sugarland 95 during which time she testified in the Legislature and wrote 25 stories.  Carrier’s research has resulted in  two pieces of legislation:

H.C.R.245 which recognizes the Underground Railroad from Texas to Mexico; TCAALH is a certified member of the National Park Service Network to Freedom UGRR Program.

H.R.434 that established the bill for the Emancipation National Historic Trail Study.