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Academy ($25,000 +)

Franci Neely Foundation

Director’s Circle ($10,000 +)

Brown Foundation
Carrin Patman and Jim Derrick

Catherine Asher Morgan
Sara and Bill Morgan
Petrello Family Foundation
Louisa Stude Sarofim

Nina and Michael Zilkha

Producer’s Circle ($5,000 +)

Steven and Melissa Kean

Lois Stark

Writer’s Circle ($2,500 +)

Jenny and Jim Elkins Family Fund

Greater Houston Community Foundation
Manne McGregor Charitable Fund

Lillie Robertson
Ann & Richard Vaughan
Bill and Andrea White

Actor’s Circle ($1,000 +)

Scott J. Atlas Fund
The Greentree Fund and Nancy C. Allen
Anne and Albert Chao
Nijad and Zeina Fares
Berthica and Hugh Fitzsimons

Sandy and Lee Godrey
Elena and Kenny Marks


Frances Marzio
Pam Powers
Courtney and Christopher Sarofim

Festival Guild ($500 +)

Gracie & Bob Cavnar
Carole B. Dickinson & Val Perkins

Sis and Hasty Johnson
Doug Lawing & Guy Hagsette

Douglas and Guy Lawing-Hagstette
Y Ping Sun and David Leebron
Clare Casademont and Michael Metz

Karen and Gene Oshman
Trey Peacock
Beth Robertson Family Fund

Festival Aficionado ($250 +)

Dunlap Family Fund

Delicia L. Harvey-Carrithers
Taavi Mark and Stephen LeJeune

Dinah Chetrit and Rich Levy

Festival Enthusiast

Darryl Bass
Rick Ferguson

Perrin Langlois
Marian Luntz
John Pacini

Herberto Rivera
Andrea Warner Gaitz