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About Borders | No Borders Short Film Competition

Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) brings back the second annual Borders | No Borders regional short film competition this year. Borders | No Borders is open to short narrative and documentary films with strong ties to Texas, the states bordering Texas, and Mexico. The competition opened on June 1st with a deadline of September 6th. Finalist films will be announced with the Houston Cinema Arts Festival 2021 lineup in mid-October and will be screened at the festival.

Cultural exchange is often thought of as happening between countries, but it can also take place between cities, states, and even neighborhoods — anywhere a border is perceived or imposed. Houston is the most diverse city in the United States, and Texas, in addition to being the largest state in the continental U.S., shares borders with Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Mexico, which each have their own distinct cultures and identities. These regions inform Houston’s past, present, and future with their cultures, histories, cuisines, ancestral and contemporary sacrifices, injustices, unceded lands, art, music, dance, theater, film, and storytellers. Borders | No Borders celebrates the complexity of Houston and its neighboring communities, all of which contribute to H-Town’s je ne sais quoi.

Borders | No Borders invites residents of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Mexico as well as filmmakers with meaningful ties to these areas to submit narrative and documentary short films. Films in all languages are welcomed and encouraged, but we request that films that are not in English be submitted with English subtitles to ensure that the translations best represent the filmmaker’s vision. The winners for Best Narrative Short Film and Best Documentary Short Film will each be awarded a prize of $1,000. There will be two additional Jury Prizes of $500 selected by a panel of six jurors. Past jurors included Damon Davis, Kimberly Rivers Roberts, and Sumie Garcia for the Documentary Jury Prize and artists Bassam Tariq, Giorgio Angelini, and Brett Cullen for the Narrative Jury Prize.

Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) presenta el segundo Festival de cortometrajes regionale annual Fronteras | Sín Fronteras. Esta abierto a la narrativa y documental cortometrajes con fuertes temas relacionados con Tejas, los estados colindantes a Tejas y Mexico. La fecha limite del concurso es el 6 de septiembre.  Se anunciarán las películas finalistas en octubre, y se proyectarán durante Houston Cinema Arts Festival 2021.

El intercambio cultural que acontece entre países, y también pasa en barrios, ciudades, y estados – en cualquier sitio donde una frontera se percibe o se impone física y culturalmente. Houston es la ciudad más diversa en todo los Estados Unidos. Tejas es el estado mas grande del país, y comparte fronteras con Arkansas, Oklahoma, Luisiana, Nuevo México, y México. Cada uno tiene su propia cultura e identidades distintas. 

Estas regiones y su gente reflejan el pasado, presente y futuro de Houston con sus culturas, historias, gastronomia, su herencia ancestral y contemporánea, injusticias, tierras sin ceder, arte, música, danza, teatro, cine y narradores. Fronteras | Sín Fronteras celebra la diversidad de la ciudad de Houston y las comunidades que la rodean, todo lo que contribuye a la “je ne seis quois” de H-Town. 

Fronteras | Sín Fronteras invita a residentes de Tejas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Luisiana, Nuevo México, y México, y también cineastas con fuertes lazos de estas regiones, enviar cortometrajes que sean narrativa y documental. Películas y animaciones en todos los idiomas son bienvenidos.

Pedimos que las películas sean en su propio idioma que no sean en ingles, tengan sus titules en ingles para entender mejor la visión del cineasta.


2020 Borders | No Borders Films Finalists

Borders | No Borders is generously supported by Independent Media Arts Foundation.

Borders | No Borders Documentary 1

Includes Beirut on the Bayou by Brent Joseph, What Remains by Yudiel Landa, History in Pieces by Bronson Crabtree, Too Long Here by Emily Packer, Where It Stands by Owen Schwartzbard, Pancho Clause by Javier Fernandez, and Lost ID by Axel Gonzalez.

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Borders | No Borders Narrative 1

Includes And We Stood Still by Ilana Coleman, The American Dream by Baldev Sandhu, How We Are Bound by Prakshi Malik, A Song Often Played On the Radio by Raven Chacon & Cristobal Martinez, and Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen by Sarah Hill.

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Borders | No Borders Documentary 2

Includes Puppet Regime by Ghazal Ghazi, Mi Sueno Americano by Joe Cardoza, Inauguration by Peng Zuqiang, El Gigante De Puelba by Lucero Tlahueti, and California Creole: Zydeco & Regional Respect by Abby Berendt Lavoi & Jeremey Lavoi.

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Borders | No Borders Narrative 2

Includes De La Luz by Alfonso Loya, Silver Dollar by Stephanie Saint Sanchez, Nowhere Arkansas by Robert Linsley, Win By Two by Abraham Felix, and Plane Pretend by Sharon Arteaga.

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