Lisa E. Harris

Lisa E. Harris, Li, is an independent and interdisciplinary artist, creative soprano, performer, composer, improviser, writer, singer/songwriter and educator from Houston. Li’s work focuses on the energetic relationships between body, land, spirit and place. Using voice, theremin, movement, meditation and new media to explore spatial awareness, relationality, panoptical surveillance and sonic profiling, she maintains a focused concentration on healing in performance and living. She is the founder and creative director of Studio Enertia, an arts collective with Pittsburgh creator Alisha B. Wormsley. Studio Enertia produced Harris’s 10 year durational work, Cry of the Third Eye, a new opera film in Three Acts that archives the effects of gentrification on her Houston neighborhood. Recent engagements include ‘The Nubian Word for Flowers- a phantom Opera’ by Pauline Oliveros and IONE, and ‘Earthseed’, a co-composition commission with Nicole M. Mitchell for Chicago’s Art Institute.