Giorgio Angelini

After touring in bands including The Rosebuds and Bishop Allen for much of his 20s, Angelini enrolled in the Masters of Architecture program at Rice University during the depths of the 2008 real estate collapse. It was in this tumultuous time that the seeds for his documentary debut, Owned, began to take shape. Following graduate school, Angelini began working with  Shaum Shich Architects, where he designed a wide array of projects, including the White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas, which received an AIA design award in 2017. While directing Owned, he helped to produce the indie break-out hit My Friend Dahmer (2017) and directed a documentary short for celebrated performance artist Mary Ellen Carroll entitled, My Death is Pending…Because (2017). Angelini is currently producing his second feature documentary, Feel Good Man, a story about Pepe the Frog, memetics, and the rise of far-right youth culture in America.