Èzili Dantò

Èzili Dantò is a human rights and international law attorney, an award winning playwright, performance poet and cultural activist. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in the United States. She is a Haiti scholar and runs the Èzili Network, the Free Haiti Movement, the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, ZiliDesigns and Zili Dlo: Clean Water, Renewable Power and Skills Transfer for Haiti. Èzili is the author of 10 plays and two book series. She regularly conducts Haiti teach-ins on the non-colonial narrative on Haiti centering on Haiti’s wealth, natural resources, revolutionary culture, Vodun spirituality and her expression of this through the VodunJazzoetry performance productions. Èzili was featured as a Haiti scholar and historian in the documentary: 1804 – The Hidden History of Haiti. In 2018, Èzili was honored at the Connecticut Women Hall of Fame for her lifetime of justice and cultural advocacy works.