Sebastian Diaz

Sebastián Díaz is a New York-based filmmaker originally from Mexico. He received an Emmy for his editorial work on the interactive documentary The And in 2015. His short documentary Toñita’s premiered at MoMA Documentary Fortnight. His feature documentary Brilliant Soil won the Material Culture & Archeology Film Prize at the RAI Fest of Ethnographic Film in 2011. Sebastián edited the New York Times Op-Doc Atención! Murderer Next Door. He has edited projects for the BBC, Retro Report and Guggenheim Museum. He co-founded BULBO Art Collective (2001-2011), which produced a documentary series broadcast in US and Mexico about Tijuana-San Diego border culture where he was raised (Univision & Channel 22). Sebastián was a fellow of the 2019 Karen Schmeer Diversity in the Edit Room fellowship and sits on the board of directors of UnionDocs. He curates Mexican cinema in different venues in New York with his Proyector film series.