How to Fest

Have an Urgent Question? Here’s who to ask!

Virtual Hotline:

Please use the “Need Assistance” button in the bottom right corner of the Eventive Platform demarcated with the chat icon. 

Drive In Hotline(s): 


General Hotline:

Email admin @


Geoblocking refers to the region in which the film is available. Due to rights restrictions and distributor preferences, some films are exclusively available in some parts and not others. We have three possible regional restrictions: Texas, United States and Territories, and North America. 

Availability Window:

The availability window is the period that a film can be rented. If film opens up for viewing at 2pm CST on 11/14 and has an availability window of 48 hours, that means that the film can be rented up until 2pm CDT on 11/16.

Rental Period:

The rental period refers to how long a viewer has to watch a film. Once a film is “unlocked,” the viewer has as long as the rental period indicates to watch the film. This rental period will always hold true, no matter the availability window. For example, if a film opens for viewing at 2pm CST on 11/14 with a 72 hours availability window and a 48 hour rental period and a viewer “unlocks” the film at 1pm CST on 11/16, that viewer has until 1pm CST o 11/18 to finish the film since the rental period is 48 hours. 

Audience Caps:

Audience caps are the total amount of rentals available for a film. Once the film has been rented for the max amount of time, it is no longer available, even if there is still time left in the availability window. We encourage viewers to get tickets to the films they want to watch as soon as they can to ensure they can view it. This applies to passholders as well. 

Streaming to a Television or Separate Display:

The Eventive TV app on Roku and Apple TV allows users to watch our festival films directly on their television. Viewers can also cast to their television with Chromecast. Films must be unlocked on a computer first, and then they will appear in the viewer’s library on the Eventive TV app.

Having issues with streaming how you would like via Eventive? Visit the Eventive help website here.

Drive-In Screenings:

Mogul Mowgli
Shogun Assassin

Available in the Greater Houston Area:


Available in Texas:

Mogul Mowgli
One of These Days
Eyimofe (This is My Desire)

Available in the United States and Territories:

Through the Night
New Order
Night of the Kings
Pier Kids
My Prince Edward
The 24th
Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

Available in North America:

Smooth Talk
Mother I Am Suffocating. This is My Last Film About You.
CineSpace 2020
Borders | No Borders
Take Me to the Water
Friday I’m in Love: A Night at Numbers

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