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HCAS is dedicated to making the Festival accessible to all individuals regardless of ability. Use this page to view information about our efforts. If you have any further questions, please contact


Venue accessibility: All Beck Building entrances are wheelchair accessible, and the entrance to the Law Building on Main Street is wheelchair accessible. Visitor drop-off and pick-up is possible at the Bissonnet entrance to the Law Building and at a covered passenger drop-off lane at the Main Street entrance to the Beck Building. The Brown Auditorium Theater has designated seating for wheelchairs.

The MFAH has wheelchairs that visitors may check out free of charge with a valid photo ID. The wheelchairs are available from the bag and coat check rooms in both the Beck and Law Building lobbies and the Visitors Center on a first-come, first-served basis. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted. Elevators are available throughout the museum.

Parking accessibility: Limited handicap-access spaces available.

Screening accessibility for hearing and visually impaired: A select number of films presented at the Brown Auditorium during the Festival may be offered with listening and descriptive devices. Please email at least two weeks in advance of the Festival to inquire about service availability for the film of your choice.

The venue also provides personal assisted listening devices, which can be obtained at the box office.


Venue accessibility: Aurora Picture Show has handicap-accessible entrance ramps and wheelchair-accessible entrance from the parking lot.

Parking accessibility: A dedicated number of handicap-access parking spots are available in the parking lot.

Screening accessibility for hearing impaired: Seating near speakers is available for patrons with hearing difficulty.


Venue accessibility: Cafe Brasil has handicap-accessible entrance ramps. Access to Flatland Gallery is available through the courtyard of Brasil.

Parking accessibility: Limited street handicap-access parking is available.

Asia Society Texas Center

Venue Accessibility: The building is fully ADA compliant, with ramps to handicapped accessible seating in the Brown Foundation Theatre. To purchase tickets for these seats, please call Asia Society’s box office directly: 713.496.9901. The building is equipped with elevators for access to the second floor.

Parking Accessibility: The parking lot has dedicated handicapped parking spaces in the Asia Society parking lot across the street from the building and a valet drop off area along the Austin Street side of the building.

Screening Accessibility for the Hearing and Visually Impaired:  Asia Society is equipped with assisted listening devices and ask patrons to call our box office directly to request their use: 713.496.9901.


Festival Program Guides and other printed materials for any public program may be obtained in large-print labeling with high contrast or in other formats (disk, thumb drive) with at least two weeks’ notice, depending on availability. Please contact for more information.