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The Low Turn Row: A Journey in Time

This is a story about discovery of history and heritage, the ten-year journey of Wendy Watriss and Frederick Baldwin, two free-lance photographers who left their life of global reporting in 1971 to work in the USA to revisit and relive the stories of people whose families settled and cultivated the frontier and how their histories shaped the social and political character of our nation today. Living for two years in the back pasture of African American farmers, Watriss and Baldwin photographed, listened, and recorded the stories of people who settled and developed Grimes County, a county north of Houston, the western edge of the corn and cotton culture that grew from the arrival of white, Old South planters who moved west in search of new lands for cotton farming in the 19th century.

This event is the beginning of a longer documentary about their journey through the American experience. It is a combination of images, words, music, dialogue, and conversation based on the story of people and their memories in photographs and video, excerpts of films, interviews, and live performances of Blues music of  live Blues music of Mance Lipscomb, who described the experiences of African Americans in Grimes County.  Renowned Blues musician Corey Harris, who is playing Mance Lipscomb's music, will also do a live performance of contemporary Blues music.

Country, Year United States, 2018
DirectorJohn Simmons
Runtime60 MINS, 00 SECS