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Tejano Night

Tejano Night following an evening in South Texas with Mijo, a Mexican-American who is visiting his estranged family when his worst nightmare of being seen as “not Latino enough” comes to fruition. The surrounding members laugh at his lack-luster pronunciation of ‘tamale’ at the dinner table. Mijo escapes with his cousin to a local bar with the promise of getting a ride back to his hotel afterwards. While he’s stuck, Mijo’s awkward run-ins with the other patrons reinforce a similar feeling of being out of place until he begins exchanging waves with a friendly couple on the dance floor.

Country, Year United States, 2021
DirectorAlexander Rosales
ProducerMonica Santis, Carlos Estrada, Alexander Rosales, Lizetta Barrera
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
Runtime13 MINS, SECS
GenreBorders No Borders, Short