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Takeover takes place during the twelve historic hours on July 14, 1970, in which fifty members of the Young Lords Party stormed the dilapidated Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx, drove out their administrative staff, barricaded entrances and windows, and made their cries for decent healthcare known to the world. The activists raised the Puerto Rican flag atop the building, and hung a banner reading "The People's Hospital"—a nom de guerre still used today. Through archival footage, seamless reenactments, and modern-day interviews, we tell the story of the Young Lords’ resistance against institutions curated by wealth and white supremacy, and their fight for the most basic of human rights: the right to accessible, quality healthcare. The Young Lords' bold act of civil disobedience resulted in no loss of life and the Patient's Bill of Rights, though watered down is still in use today.

Country, Year United States, 2021
DirectorEmma Francis-Snyder
WriterFrancisco Bello, Emma Francis-Snyder
CastMiguel "Mickey" Melendez, Iris Morales, Juan Gonzalez, Denise Oliver-Velez, Carlos "Carlito" Rovira, Cleo Silvers, Felipe Luciano
ProducerTony Gerber, Emma Francis-Snyder
Runtime37 MINS, SECS