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My Prince Edward

Serving countless newlyweds in Hong Kong’s go-to one-stop-shop of cheap wedding supplies doesn’t exempt Fong from social pressure to marry. Since nodding to Edward’s proposal, she has been pushed beyond limits by unaffordable housing, archaic customs, and intrusive in-laws. What befuddles her further is the reappearance of Shuwei, a mainlander she divorced after a sham marriage. Zeroing in on the nuts and bolts of modern marriage, My Prince Edward pokes around fixated correlations of freedom with relationship status and geographic residence.  Like a breath of fresh air, through the female protagonist Fong, writer-director Norris Wong reclaims her home city's narrative in a movie that will make you wholeheartedly cheer for a woman’s independence and a new age in Hong Kong cinema.

This film can be viewed across the US and its territories.

Country, Year Hong Kong, 2020
DirectorNorris Wong
WriterNorris Wong
CastStephy Tang, Pak Hon Chu, Hee Ching Paw
ProducerHing-Ka Chan, Sing-Pui O
Runtime92 MINS, SECS