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Mother I Am Suffocating. This is My Last Film About You.

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese’s farewell to his homeland, Lesotho in Southern Africa, is a lyrical and visual poem that invites the viewers to become closely familiar with the harsh social and economic reality of the Dark Continent. Using a series of transitions and black and white close-ups, Mosese oscillates between these hardships and his childhood memories, the memories of an entire generation. He creates a profoundly intimate portrayal of life in the city streets, the simple village craftsmen, and their way of life. In the background, he bids a frank, final farewell to his mother—the woman and the land. His farewell is a mix of love and rage, suffocation and liberation, feelings experienced by anyone who leaves their homeland, both physically and mentally.

This film can be viewed across North America.

Country, Year Lesotho, 2019
DirectorLemohang Jeremiah Mosese
WriterLemohang Jeremiah Mosese
CastThato Khobotle. Mercy Koetle. Napo Kalebe. Molibeli Mokake. Pheku keeper Lisema. Disko Monaheng. Chris Mosalemane. Teboho Mochao
ProducerLemohang Jeremiah Mosese
Runtime76 MINS, SECS
GenreDocumentary, Experimental