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Moondogs is a short narrative film about three teenage girls who road trip across West Texas in order to get their friend to the nearest abortion clinic. Not only do they have to travel hundreds of miles to get to the clinic, Mia, Val, and Izzie have to camp overnight in order to comply with the 24 waiting period between appointments Texas requires. During the trip, the three friends navigate the complex and inaccessible road to abortion in Texas as well as the nuanced landscape of being a teenage girl in our current political climate. The external and internal struggles they face along the way shed contemplative light on the often-overlooked ways in which young women are forced to navigate their bodily autonomy, interpersonal relationships, and physical surroundings on the road to self-discovery. Directed and Written by Kat Broyles.

Country, Year United States, 2020
DirectorKatie Broyles
WriterKatie Broyles
CastSarah J. Bartholomew, Ijeoma Chinedo, Daniela Lewkowiz-Hurtado
ProducerLois Chiles, William Broyles Jr., J.S. Pottinger, Jodie Miller, Leo Aguirre, Jeff Kardesh, Emily Pullen
Runtime18 MINS, SECS
GenreNarrative, Short