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Love and the Epiphanists (Part 1)

35mm film, 35mm slides, digital projections, music, live voice-over

"Love floats through Hollywood cinema like a flaming dirigible." - SS

Love and the Epiphanists is the first part of a 35mm film with live performance components, including wide-screen anamorphic 35mm film, 35mm slides, digital video, audio recordings and live spoken text. The films used are largely sourced from my collection of 35mm Hollywood movie trailers from the past 20+ years, using a hand-made contact printing process that allows me to repeat, reorder, reverse, double-expose, stain, misalign, twist and otherwise strangle the images. The result is a chaotic narrative and love story set against a future time known as the Epiphany – the moment in history when the effects of climate change became irreversible and undeniable.

Country, Year United States, 2018
DirectorScott Stark
Runtime30 MINS, 00 SECS