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Fear No Gumbo

It’s time that folks be made aware of these real, raw, and powerful stories of New Orleans in the fourteen years since Katrina. As human beings, our lives matter, and the story of New Orleans matters because it’s an important part of America’s past and its future. Too many outsiders are trying to tell the story of New Orleans, and many seem to prefer that the hardest parts of the city’s history remain untold. Despite these opportunists, the people of New Orleans keep growing their families, mourning their dead, and celebrating their culture as only New Orleans can. Fear No Gumbo explores that rich culture, the music and dance and many charms the city has to offer—exactly what many of its citizens are fighting to save.

Q&A with dir. Kimberly Rivers Roberts follows screening.

Country, Year United States, 2019
DirectorKimberly Rivers-Roberts
WriterKimberly Rivers-Roberts
CastKimberly Rivers Roberts, Skyy Rivers Roberts, MA Shehan, Robert Robinson, Cindy Denny
ProducerKimberly Rivers-Roberts
Runtime72 MINS, 0 SECS