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Comet Time Machine

In 1983, pioneering NASA scientist Dr. Nancy Boggess was interviewed for a NASA "Space Story" audio program, in which she discussed comets and the possibility of someday collecting a physical sample. Taking that recording as a launching point, this short film combines archival footage, imagery and audio from NASA archives, along with old public domain films and original animation, all set to a hiphop beat, to contemplate the nature of comets, time, and human discovery. Why are comets important? How do they serve as time machines, revealing facts about the origins of ourselves and our solar system? What is the human impulse to explore new horizons? And what is it like for scientists to work toward discoveries that may not ultimately happen in their own careers or lifetimes? With the success of the Stardust Mission in 2006, did Dr. Boggess realize her dream?

Country, Year United States, 2021
DirectorJared Hedges
ProducerJared Hedges
Runtime5 MINS, SECS