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between starshine and clay

On Jan 21st, 2019, Martin Luther King Day, Lead to Life, a collective that transforms guns into the otherwise to commemorate black folks and land impacted by the wake of violence, gathered to reclaim Dr. King’s radical legacy and the black feminist prophetic tradition. between starshine & clay explores the memory of this evening where Lead to Life transformed guns into the constellations that were above Oscar Grant the evening he was murdered 10 years prior by Oakland police.

In collaboration with community members across California, who have been impacted by the wake of police brutality, gun violence, indigenous displacement and environmental racism, we gathered to imagine our town free from violence, our people and the land well, and cast our prophecy into the stars.

Country, Year United States, 2021
DirectorBronte Velez, Mer Aldao
ProducerLead to Life
Runtime13 MINS, SECS
GenreBorders No Borders