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Ben DeSoto: For Art's Sake

The story of Ben DeSoto, a Houston photographer who worked as a photo journalist for the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post for 30 years. These opportunities allowed him to capture and document diverse genres of the early Houston underground punk scene, major touring acts, rap/hip hop culture, and current events.

Program includes pre-screening reception and post-screening panel with directors Michael Witnes Zapata and Andrew Benavides,  photographer Ben DeSoto, and Dianna Ray and George Reyes, members of the legendary band Mydolls. Moderated by Richard Tomcala of Public News.

Country, Year United States, 2019
DirectorMichael Witnes Zapata and Andrew Benavides
WriterIren Siosan, Michael Zapata and Andrew Benavides. Additional writing support by Monir Zapata
CastBen DeSoto, E.S.G., The Are
ProducerMichael Zapata
Runtime32 MINS, 0 SECS
GenreDocumentary, Short