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Apollo 11

From director Gabriela Iancu comes a documentary that celebrates the dedication of NASA’s space program to the successful landing of the first man on the Moon in July 1969, and the values that contributed to this historic moment: science, expertise, ingenuity, and hope. Drawn from thousands of hours of footage and original audio recordings from NASA's archives, we witness the Apollo 11 mission to land on the Moon. The cinematic event unfolds from sunrise on launch day to splashdown with immersive sound design.

From the blackout opening scene of the lunar day, revealing features of the Moon and the speech made by President John F. Kennedy, to the thoughtful and meticulous preparations for the launch and the apocalyptic lift-off to Neil Armstrong’s legendary walk, the historical events play out at an epic scale. Edited and directed in an observational style, the film becomes a portrait of the many faces of humanity, and documents a fearless leap forward, a dream of the optimistic people of America made true.

Country, Year Romania,
DirectorGabriela Iancu
Runtime7 MINS, 58 SECS
GenreCineSpace, Documentary, Short