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Acid Test

Set in 1992, Acid Test is a coming-of-age rebellion story fueled by Riot Grrrl music, a dysfunctional family, and LSD. Against the backdrop of the presidential election between Bush, Clinton, and Perot, a girl of mixed-descent - her mother is Mexican and her father is white American - enters her senior year with life-long plans to attend Harvard, just like her Dad. But she gains new insight into her father's volatile behavior as she discovers Riot Grrrl, an aggressive feminist punk music, and when an opportunity presents to drop LSD, she impulsively takes it. As she drifts farther and farther from "the plan," she dives into new experiences, exploring her Mexican heritage, defining herself on her own terms, and rebelling against her father's control.

Country, Year United States, 2021
DirectorJenny Waldo
WriterJenny Waldo
CastJuliana DeStefano, Brian Thornton, Mia Ruiz, Reece Everett Ryan
ProducerAnna Tran, Eddie Rodriguez, Hillary Felice, Kerianne Parker, Jenny Waldo
Runtime103 MINS, SECS