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The Science of Fictions

Closing Night

Texas Premiere

Nov 18, 2019, 07:00 PM Rice Cinema $12.00 Get Tickets

A man (actor Gunawan Maryanto) in Indonesia witnesses the faking of the moon landing in 1965, also the year of the Communist purge of Indonesia and Suharto's take over of the country. His tongue is cut off and he copes perhaps by moving through life in a slow moon walking trance, ultimately invited to join a traveling dance trope. A meditation on trauma, avoidance, hypocrisy, fear, resilience and creativity, and the many manifestations of truthiness.

Country, Year Indonesia, 2019
DirectorYosep Anggi Noen
WriterYosep Anggi Noen
CastGunawan Maryanto, Ecky Lamoh, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Alex Suhendra, Lukman Sardi
ProducerEdwin Nazir, Arya Sweta, Yulia Evina Bhara, Yosep Anggi Noen
LanguageEnglish Subtitles, Indonesian
Runtime106 MINS, 0 SECS
SubjectDance, Film, Moon Landing 50, Science
Event TypeFilm