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Poetic Justice: A Black Music Month Celebration

Jun 16, 2022, 10:30 PM Rooftop Cinema Club $18.50 Get Tickets

Houston Cinema Arts Society partners with the Rooftop Cinema Club to celebrate June as Black Music Month. To celebrate the birthday of Tupac Shakur, HCAS presents the films Juice and Poetic Justice on Thursday, June 16th, 2022.

The program is preceded by a Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson themed Live DJ Set by Flash Gordon Parks at 7:00pm.

To learn more and purchase tickets for Juice at 8:00pm, click here. 

Still grieving after the murder of her boyfriend, hairdresser Justice (Janet Jackson) writes poetry to deal with the pain of her loss. Unable to get to Oakland to attend a convention because of her broken-down car, Justice gets a lift with her friend, Iesha (Regina King) and Iesha's postal worker boyfriend, Chicago (Joe Torry). Along for the ride is Chicago's co-worker, Lucky (Tupac Shakur), to whom Justice grows close after some initial problems. But is she ready to open her heart again?

Country, Year United States, 1993
DirectorJohn Singleton
CastTupac Shakur, Janet Jackson, Regina King, Joe Torry
Runtime109 MINS, SECS
Special Guests

Flash Gordon Parks

Jason Woods aka Flash Gordon Parks is an ethnomusicologist from the city of Houston, TX. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Photography at Sam Houston State University in 2001. In 2005 Flash Gordon Parks published a book of photography and poetry called The Beautiful Side of Ugly with Eric Blaylock, which combined Blaylock's poetry with FGP's images to document the beauty of urban areas of Houston. As a DJ, he strives to educate the audience through carefully thought out selections lectures on the importance of Houston's Rich Music History. He has lectured at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Rice University, Art League Houston and more. In 2015 Flash Gordon Parks directed the documentary "This Thing We Do Houston DJ Culture Revealed".