CineSpace 2019 – Call For Works

NASA Imagery – Your Vision Presented by NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society

An international competition of short films, videos, and digital works using imagery from space.

Submissions: OPEN – Closes July 15, 2019 – See Submissions Page Submission Fee: None Main Screening: Houston Cinema Arts Festival – Houston, TX, November 14-18, 2019

Competition Awards:

  • Grand Prize: $ 10,000
  • Second Prize: $ 5,000
  • Third Prize: $ 3,000

Special Judging Categories and Awards For:

  • Best Documentary: USD $4,000
Designated for best film in documentary format using NASA imagery. Can be any topic or style, but should have an editorial or journalistic element.
  • Film That Best Depicts “Humans in Space”: USD $3,500
Awarded to the film that best captures the spirit and concept of humans living, working and exploring space. Films can be documentary or narrative in format or simply inspirational in style.
  • Film using the most unusual or obscure Imagery from NASA: USD $500
Prize goes to film that incorporates NASA imagery that has not been used before and/or is most obscure or unusual. All remaining Finalists receive Official Selection mention. NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society offer filmmakers around the world a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, real NASA imagery through “CineSpace,” a short film competition, now in its third year, premiering at Houston Cinema Arts Festival, November 14-18, 2019. Films featuring real NASA footage collected from over 50 years of its history will be judged on the creativity, innovation, and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of spaceflight. NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society will choose Finalist or “Official Selections,” which will screen at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival in November 2017. Other screenings may also take place throughout the year. NASA judges will award prizes from the Finalist pool. What We Are Looking For: We are considering short video, film, and digital-media submissions of 10 minutes or less and are seeking works of all genres and styles including but not limited to experimental, narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, animation, ambient, music videos, re-mix, sports, horror, and underground. We are looking for Submissions that
  • Are based on innovative artistic presentation and storytelling.
  • Provoke an emotional response.
  • Show a mastery of filmmaking craftsmanship.
Submissions MUST contain at least 10% (based on total running time – not including credits) of NASA video imagery.  More than 10% can be used and still photos can also be used in addition to the video imagery. This imagery may be obtained through NASA Cinespace Footage Resources or other publicly available means such as YouTube, etc.” **IMPORTANT – Please review the Finalists and Winners from Winners and Finalists from prior competitions – WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO USE NASA ARCHIVE FOOTAGE THAT HAS NOT BEEN USED IN PAST COMPETITIONS** The resolution of submitted works may be created in Standard Definition or High Definition format, however, CineSpace screens all selections in 1080p format. If your film was not created in 1080p format, you will need to convert it to 1080p if selected. Please explore the following links for more detail: (main page with links to the following): • Guidelines & TermsNASA Cinespace Footage ResourcesSubmissions Page (with links to the Official Submissions Portal) • Frequently Asked QuestionsHouston Cinema Arts Festival homepage For inquiries, e-mail:

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