Moon Landing 50

Moon Landing 50

This section explores the legacy of the moon landing which is one of storytelling and narrative flourish as much as scientific exploration, inquiry, and invention. These themes are certainly not mutually exclusive, there is a space exploration/futurism venn diagram. The moon landing is also Houston’s legacy, the home of mission control, and Space City. The televised broadcast of the landing of Apollo 11 remains the largest global monoculture in history. It’s perhaps the greatest human spectacle of all time, uncanny and difficult to reconcile, which is why it’s really no surprise there are so many moon landing truthers. It’s a rich canvas to paint on and has informed almost every aspect of modern, human life 50 years later.

Space Dogs

Laika, a stray dog, was the first living being to be sent into space and thus to a certain death. According to a legend, she returned to Earth as a ghost and has roamed the streets of Moscow ever since.

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For All Mankind

Al Reinert’s documentary For All Mankind covers the nine crewed Apollo missions, with narration from 13 of the 24 astronauts involved, as one single mission. Forty years after the first moon landing, it remains the most radical, visually dazzling work of cinema yet made about the Apollo missions.

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Moon Shot Exhibition Walk Through

The Moon Shot exhibition at the Moody Center for the Arts features works responding to the moon landing by a selection of innovative artists active from 1969 to the present. The galleries will remain open past normal hours from 5:30-7:30pm so film attendees can experience this exhibition.

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CineSpace 2019

CineSpace, the collaborative short film competition in partnership with NASA, returns for the fifth year to screen all finalists and announce the winners! Films are judged by filmmaker Richard Linklater with some of the filmmakers in attendance.

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When I Get Home

Visual artist and singer/songwriter Solange Knowles presents an extended directors cut featuring new scenes and musical arrangements of her interdisciplinary performance art film When I Get Home.

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Kelly Richardson: Artist Talk

Internationally renowned digital installation artist Kelly Richardson will discuss her past and recent work including her future planetary landscape works, Orion Tide and Mariner 9. 

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The Science of Fictions



A man in Indonesia witnesses the faking of the moon landing in 1965, also the year of the Communist purge of Indonesia and Suharto’s take over of the country. His tongue is cut off and he copes perhaps by moving through life in a slow moon walking trance, ultimately invited to join a traveling dance trope.

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