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Cry of the Third Eye: The Last Resort

Cry of the Third Eye: The Last Resort (2019) is the third and final act of Cry of the Third Eye, a three-act performed opera film by artist Grammy-Nominated Lisa E. Harris that considers gentrification, intergenerational legacy, loss, and the space of dreams. The completion of this meditational trilogy which spans a decade in the Historic Third Ward District of Houston, archives aspects of the artist's inner and outer environments as they change over time.

Co-Presented by Aurora Picture Show
Aurora Picture Show is a non-profit media arts center that presents artist-made, non-commercial film and video. They are dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promoting the understanding and appreciation of moving image art.

Country, Year United States, 2019
DirectorLisa E. Harris
WriterLisa E. Harris
CastTamirah Collins, Jha'quallin Mitchell, Anne Carillo, Landa Harris, Mister Lister
ProducerStudio Enertia, Lisa E. Harris
Runtime30 MINS, 0 SECS